I am the founder and CEO of Labmill GmbH, where, together with a friend I developed, designed and marketed a mobile newspaper app called picomag.

Picomag is a unique approach to the internet making surfing more fun at home and more efficient at work. With picomag you can create a magazine by taking sections from all your favorite websites and placing them onto the pages of your very own mag. This can be anything from simple texts, databases and news feeds to videos, photos and social network walls.

With a beautiful and easy user interface you simply select whatever section of a website you’d like in your mag, give it a title and you’re done. You can have up to four┬ásuch ‘articles’ on each page of your mag. All their content is updated every time you open your mag or turn a page. Want to read that article full screen? Just drag the hot spot in its corner to resize it any time.

Check out our website picomag.com for more info or get the app from the app store now (iTunes link).


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